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The New Indian Express : Publish EIA rules in regional tongues: Karnataka High Court

During the pandemic, the notification has been restricted to its official website and gazette while many people were not even aware of its existence, it said. It petitioned the court that earlier, such notifications were published in vernacular newspapers but the draft EIA, 2020 failed to do this. So, citizens have been deprived of their right to file their objections/ suggestions for such an important notification which is a violation of natural justice, the petition said. 

Centre-run agency blocks website of the environmental collective after it criticises draft law

The website of Let India Breathe and two others was blocked by the National Internet Exchange of India, a public sector firm.

The new updates to the draft 2020 Environment Impact Assessment notification, which seeks to overhaul the existing EIA, 2006, prescribe the procedure for industries to assess the ecological and environmental impact of their proposed activity and the mechanism whereby these would be assessed by expert committees appointed by the environment ministry.

Live Mint : All the ways to weaken the Green Law

Through the lockdown period, the ministry of environment, forests and climate change (MoFCC) has been in a rush to clear projects. Is the draft EIA notification a part of that same pattern of behaviour?

The environment is for everyone. It’s not just for environmentalists. It’s not just for elephants and tigers. 

The Leaftlet: Whose interests does it secure?

It is a pure dilution of the monitoring system.


One of the major loopholes of the draft notification is the transparent lifeline thrown to industries that allow them to benefit from their violations.  It basically allows for post-facto clearances which would legitimise projects that have not received proper clearances and approvals.


This principle is against the fundamental structure of environmental law and also derogates from an order of the National Green Tribunal.

Down To Earth : Why draft EIA 2020 needs a revaluation

We need much stronger laws to protect the environment and to ensure that natural resources are available to the poorest who need them the most. There are a large number of communities like Adivasis, peasants and coastal and fisher communities whose lives mainly depend on the state of the environment. Any drastic changes in EIA will have a direct impact on the living and working conditions of these people and the ecology. 

Hindustan Times : Stop building hydro-power project in the NE

First, thanks to sustained investments, increased efficiency and attractive pricing in the solar and wind energy sector, and recently-commissioned power assets, there is a supply glut in the energy market. The market for energy is saturated and there is a negligible shortage in peak demand (which was only 0.7% in the last 18 months). This is likely to continue in the future, well beyond the current decade.

EIA 2020 : An undemocratic amendment to rape our Mother

The Ministry is entering protected forests bring their corporate friends along, abusing and penetrating the land making it unable to sustain life. That's what rape is.


During this lockdown, our environment ministry was on a spree for clearing vulnerable projects in national parks and protected reserved forests.

EIA 2020 : An undemocratic amendment to rape our Mother

The union environment ministry has received nearly 17 lakh objections, comments and suggestions to the draft environment impact assessment (EIA) notification of 2020 till Tuesday, including some repetitive emails.

Tuesday was the last date for submitting objections and suggestions to the contentious draft regulation, according to a Delhi high court order.