EIA Draft 2020



EIA Draft 2020

Do Not Let India Burn

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What is Environment Impact Assessment? 


Environment impact assessment is a process under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, which prevents industrial and infrastructural projects from being approved without proper oversight. This process ensures that every project should go through the EIA process for obtaining prior environmental clearance. 

EIA covers projects such as mining of coal or other minerals, infrastructure development, thermal, nuclear and hydropower projects, real estate and other industrial projects. The projects are assessed based on their potential impact on the environment. Based on the assessments, they are granted or denied environmental clearance by a panel of experts. 

Our Ministry of Environment has proposed a ridiculous draft.

It makes the green laws weaker and leaves plenty of room for exploitation of locals and tribals.

It leads to the destruction of national parks, 

reserve forests. and sacred tribal lands.

Know More About EIA Draft 2020

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has proposed this Draft to the Delhi High Court. 

What are the horrors of this proposal?

We the people of India, want the MoEF to withdraw EIA Draft 2020. 

This draft is totally unacceptable as it does not even consider the climate catastrophe this will bring.

In fact, we need a Green New Deal to protect our mother nature.

As humans, we need to understand that by destroying nature it ultimately leads to the destruction of our species.

Write to the Ministry.

The natural environment we have today is not the one inherited

but the one that is borrowed from our future generations.


I owe this demand against EIA2020 to future generations. 



What's the dangers of the proposed EIA Draft 2020?

National Parks and Reserved Forests are under threat from corporates.

"Polluters pay principal" does not work. The damage caused to a fragile ecosystem is irreplaceable. 

It's a threat to citizen lives if factories are not assessed properly. Soil and river poisoning, gas leaks, radioactive poisoning are just few of the dangers.  

They are not valuing the life of millions of animals. Their habitat loss will lead to

extinction of many species. 

Public consultations are is our right!

Local communities and tribal will be effected. 

Only corporate greed is being served.

The Ministry fails to understand the impact this will have on the climate.

Global water and food crisis will be speeded up if there are no forests and rivers. The immediate impact on rainfall will affect farmers.

We owe it to our children! They deserve to co-exist with nature.



A short film titled 'Gaia' dedicated to Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change on our 74th Independence Day.

Illustration by Green Humour


Meet the Green Resistance

A varied group of students, scientists, lawyers, environmentalist and activists from all across India.


Be a part of the


Every voice counts! 

We are pressed for time.

Together our voices are louder!

Only then they will hear us!

“This will lead to the complete collapse of our ecosystem. Poverty, water and food crisis will affect millions, while corporate giants would grow fatter.”

Our Near Future


EIA Draft



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